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A leadership academy for outsiders who want a seat at the table

Do you want to take back power? Have you thought about running for office? Do you want to become a judge, prosecutor, or community leader?


This might be your aspiration, but in reality, you might often feel overwhelmed, burned out, and alone. 


Leaders Forum is a virtual training ground and safe space designed for folks who are first generation, BIPOC, Queer, Gender Non Comforming, and people with disabilities. The purpose of this academy is to equip the next generation of activists with the skills needed to become the leaders our country needs. 


Workshops are free of charge for all, and will cover personal growth skills like overcoming imposter syndrome and professional growth skills like how to negotiate a raise.

Full event details coming June 2021 - stay tuned!


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Imposter Syndrome 101: How to cultivate true confidence

Early July

70% of the general population struggles with Imposter Syndrome, the feeling that one is not cut out, combined with a fear of being discovered as a fraud. The numbers are worse for those of us who are already outsiders because of our skin color, gender, sexuality, or ability.

Overcoming imposter syndrome is the first and foundational step in our leadership journey.

This workshop will teach  you how to cultivate true confidence by recognizing and addressing limiting beliefs within ourselves and each other.


Trauma 101


Do you feel burned out? Sometimes, we get so caught up with work and activism that we forget to listen to the stress signs from our bodies. In order for us to be successful in our careers and personal lives, we need to find ways to care for ourselves. This is particularly true for those of us who are First Generation, Black and Non Black people of color, Queer, and or folks with disabilities.

This workshop will help you develop a self care practice and make your mental wellbeing a priority.


Interviewing 101: How to get the job

Early October

Coming soon...


Student Loans 101: How to finally pay off your debts


How can we secure our future if we’re too burdened by high student debt? A recent survey found that 60% of recent grads carry over $100,000 in student debt. Worse, most of these folks are Black and Non Black people of color or the first in their family to graduate from college and law school.

This workshop will offer practical budgeting tools and financial hacks to help manage your debt burden.

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Emotional Intelligence 101: How to value 


Coming soon...


Networking 101: How to find and build your support system

Early September

Does networking trigger your anxiety? For first generation folks, networking is a necessary part of the job, and yet many of us very rarely have access to resources and support systems that make networking easier. For those of us already on the margins--Black, Non Black POC, queer, and non binary folks--how can we build professional connections while still staying true to our identities?

This workshop will teach you how to find and build your community, develop lasting connections and tell your story with authenticity, intentionality, and heart.


Mentorships 101: How to find your advocate


When so few people in positions of power look like you, how can you find professional mentors? For those of us who are outsiders in predominantly white spaces, finding role models can be a stressful process.

This workshop will focus on strategies that outsiders who came before you have used to find mentors and advance their careers.


Microaggressions 101: How to manage workplace hierarchies

Early August

Have you ever witnessed a colleague who has been made to feel like they don't belong? Maybe this has happened to you. If you’re an outsider--Black or Non Black person of color, queer, non binary, a woman--how should you respond when you’ve been made to feel like you don’t belong?

Managing workplace microaggressions is a necessary skill for anyone who wants to ascend into a leadership role.

This workshop will provide examples of common microaggressions. Students will walk away with a framework for how to thoughtfully confront microaggressions in spaces that weren’t made for us, and how to cultivate a culture of belonging.


Public Speaking 101


Coming soon...


Negotiations 101: How to articulate your value and ask for a raise

Early November

Does asking for a raise give you anxiety? You’re not alone. Women earn 81 cents to every dollar a man makes, and the numbers are even worse for Black and non Black women of color. In fact, only 8% of leadership roles at law firms are held by women of color--a pattern that repeats itself across industries. 

This workshop will kick start your negotiation skills by teaching how to articulate your personal value and develop persuasive responses to communicate your worth to secure a promotion or raise.


In addition to the skill workshops above, Cohort participants will receive  special access to debrief sessions and training guides.  Cohort is open to all ChangeLawyer scholars free of charge and to anyone else for a $20 fee.

Registration link coming soon.