Aiyanna Zakiya Sanders

Harvard Law

1L Scholar

Deborah J Broyles Memorial Scholar

Aiyanna Sanders is a 1L ChangeLawyer at Harvard Law School. After witnessing the structural and systemic ills of the American judicial process when her father was wrongfully arrested and charged for a crime that he did not commit and her numerous experiences with discrimination and prejudice as a Black woman in America, Aiyanna has decided to purse a career in civil or criminal law. Aiyanna wants to help improve the experiences of underrepresented and underserved minority communities in America through legal advocacy. Throughout law school Aiyanna plans to participate in clinics and student practice organizations dedicated to working with wrongfully imprisoned individuals, and upon graduation she plans to work within minority communities in her hometown of Los Angeles, California, providing her services, while also educating and providing community members with access to legal resources.