Briana Moller

UC Hastings Law

3L Scholar

Scholarship co-sponsored by

Latina Lawyers Bar Association

Briana graduated from UC Hastings College of the Law with a concentration in Law and Health Sciences. She is a ChangeLawyer who has committed her education and career to fighting for health care access for all individuals, regardless of their identity, socioeconomic, or citizenship status. She derives her passion for health equity from her family whose experiences have motivated her to change health care policy to better address the needs of underserved individuals and communities. Most recently, she interned at the Roots Community Health Center, a community health clinic in East Oakland, California. In her role as a legal intern, she researched ways to incorporate health exams for communicable diseases, transition programs for mental health and drug rehabilitation, and Medicaid enrollment into incarcerated individuals’ pre-release plans so they could easily access vital resources in the most critical moments after incarceration. In pursuing health equity for marginalized communities, she is continuously motivated by her parents and strives to use their experiences and her own distinct skill set and perspective to fight the systemic injustices her parents faced and to create change for others like them.