Candice Youngblood

UC Berkeley Law

3L Scholar

Scholarship co-sponsored by

Black Women Lawyers Association

of Los Angeles Foundation

Candice Youngblood is a ChangeLawyer dedicated to fighting the environmental racism that has endured through her personal and professional life. She grew up in a low-income community of color in Greater Los Angeles, facing some of the worst pollution in the state. Although Candice grew up with asthma, it was not until her undergraduate environmental health course at UC Berkeley that she learned black children are more than twice as likely to be hospitalized for asthma. This inspired Candice to fight for communities like her own and their right to breathe clean air. Before law school, she worked as a litigation assistant at Earthjustice’s Los Angeles office. Candice continued to support Los Angeles environmental justice coalitions during her 1L summer at Natural Resource Defense Council. She supported the Karuk Tribe and Central Valley environmental justice communities through Berkeley Law clinics. Additionally, Candice spent a semester at the California Department of Justice assisting the Environmental Justice Bureau. Through these experiences, Candice learned that her upbringing is not a setback. Rather, it enriches her advocacy. Candice is also a 1L California ChangeLawyer scholarship recipient from 2017.