Chibunkem Ezenekwe

Yale Law

1L Scholar

Scholarship sponsored by

Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman

Chibunkem Ezenekwe is a 1L ChangeLawyer at Yale Law. Her intersectional identities, community, and scholarly work have put her on a path of social justice and legal advocacy for marginalized individuals. Her social justice vision for the future is deeply guided by the work she has already done. She has worked on behalf of people of color, low-income communities, system impacted and formerly incarcerated individuals, undocumented indiviudals, foster youth, and much more. Despite these groups’ vast differences, one truth proved constant: the criminal justice and legal systems in this country are not designed for their success. Chibunkem wants to see a world in which the playing field is leveled, in which marginalized individuals bodies are not caged, or their freedoms stripped on the basis of their identity. Becoming a lawyer fits her vision because the law can be used to fight on behalf of voiceless and oppressed individuals.