Fernando Flores

Founder and Owner of iMATER NOW and the Bar Exam Game Plan™

Fernando Flores is the Founder and Owner of iMATER NOW and the Bar Exam Game Plan™. iMATER NOW focuses on promoting and fostering wellness in the legal profession. In this capacity Mr. Flores coaches other attorneys and law firms to enhance their professional performance and impact by effectively managing chronic stress and avoiding occupational burnout. The Bar Exam Game Plan™ helps bar examinees develop a holistic plan to effectively tackle bar exam preparation.


Mr. Flores holds live events and has launched 2 podcasts: Attorney Heart and the Bar Exam Game Plan™ Podcasts.


As an international speaker and expert on occupational burnout and emotional intelligence, Mr. Flores has spoken on issues related to stress-management in law schools all over the United States, as well as in Mexico and India. He is a Lecturer at UC Berkeley Law School and UC Davis Law School where he teaches “Representing Spanish-Speaking Clients: Language, Culture, and Emotional Intelligence.”


Prior to doing work focused on wellness and occupational burnout, Mr. Flores worked as a trial and appellate attorney for the Labor Commissioner in San Francisco. Mr. Flores enforced the labor code. Mr. Flores also handled a variety of other cases including Labor Code section 240 enforcement actions, writ of mandamus proceedings, and BOFE citation hearings.


Prior to working for the Labor Commissioner Mr. Flores was the Director of the program formerly known as the Wage and Hour Enforcement Litigation Program (WageHELP) at Legal Aid at Work where he litigated on behalf of hundreds of workers across California.


Mr. Flores has represented hundreds of workers in the hotel, security guard, housekeeping, garment, construction, and janitorial industries, among others. Mr. Flores successfully handled individual and class/collective actions in federal and state courts. Mr. Flores has also represented H-2B visa guest workers and a victim of human trafficking in suits involving nonpayment of wages and personal injury claims.


Prior to the Legal Aid Society, Mr. Flores worked in private practice in San Francisco and in non-profits in Oakland and Los Angeles. He received his J.D. from the University of California, Davis School of Law in 2007 and his B.A. in Sociology and Rhetoric from the University of California, Berkeley in 2004. Mr. Flores is fluent in Spanish, and as an avid runner, he has completed several ultra-runs.

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