Indiana Sarahi Garcia

UC Berkeley Law

1L Scholar

The Morrison & Foerster Foundation Scholar

Indiana Garcia is a 1L ChangeLawyer at Berkeley Law. She gets her passion for social justice from her grandfather who spent his entire life fighting against every Dominican dictatorship that ruthlessly restricted, endangered, or ended the lives of Black Dominicans. She committed to pursue a career in restorative justice work after interning at a prison in college, where she was exposed to the inequities of our nation's justice system. After graduating from Vassar College, Indiana moved to Los Angeles, and spent nearly a decade working with mostly first-generation, low-income students of color at several education and college access nonprofits. She is excited to return to legal work, and plans to join restorative justice clinics at Berkeley Law. Indiana hopes to become a relentless advocate for the rights of incarcerated people as a public defender.