Irvin De La O

UC Hastings

1L Scholar

Scholarship sponsored by

Latham & Watkins LLP

Irvin De La O is a product of the Los Angeles public school system and currently a 1L ChangeLawyer at UC Hastings College of the Law. Irvin is the proud son of Salvadoran immigrants and from an early age, understood the importance of helping others in vulnerable situations. His work experience in the legislative and executive branches of government, cemented his passion for public service and desire to work in the legal field. Whether it was his experience working for a congressman or the mayor of Los Angeles, much of his exposure was defined by the legal system. He understands the importance of having a masterful understanding of the law, in order to accomplish substantive policy changes that will help many. As an attorney, Irvin will serve as a diverse voice in the legal field by working on issues that affect underrepresented communities and ensuring our government is equal to all.