Jaquesha Scott

UC Irvine Law

3L Scholar

Scholarship co-sponsored by

Black Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles Foundation

Born in Compton, California, and the oldest of six children, Jaquesha Scott is a proud former foster-youth who became the first in her family to graduate college when she received her undergraduate degree in Anthropology from UCLA. While in law school at UC Irvine School of Law, she served as a mentor in numerous organizations, dedicating extensive time to serving others through pro bono volunteer work. Moreover, she spent an immense amount of time working with the Los Angeles County District Attorney Office in various divisions: Norwalk Hardcore Gangs Division, Norwalk Victim Impact Program, Norwalk Branch Office, and Compton Hardcore Gang Division. Coming from a consistently victimized community, Jaquesha hopes to become a prosecutor in that same community and seeks to ensure that justice is administered fairly while seeking relief for victims of crime. In pursuit of this goal, she has secured a post-bar fellowship the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office.