Jashauna Adams

California Western Law

3L Scholar

Scholarship co-sponsored by

Earl B. Gilliam Bar Association

Volunteering with Christian Legal Aid, the Community Law Project, and the Family Law Facilitators office in law school has helped Ja’shauna bridge the gap between the legal system and those whose interests need to be protected. In her service roles, Ja’shauna has helped make legal services accessible by educating people about their rights while also listening to their stories to better tailor her services to their needs. Ja’shauna has worked hard to lift the burden off the people whom she has served. She has restored hope in those who feel powerless and comforted those who are hesitant to seek legal services. Ja’shauna understands legal accessibility is not the only issue the San Diego community faces. Acknowledging her local demographics, Ja’shauna has taken action by conducting a blood drive and a professional clothing drive at her school to provide clothes for those who cannot afford to buy a professional wardrobe for interviews, jobs, or court hearings. Ja’shauna’s work has helped dismantle the operations of structural and institutional inequality and to establish effective foundations for underserved populations. As a member of the legal community, Ja’shauna will continue to promote, offer, and distribute resources to overlooked communities. This makes her a California ChangeLawyer.