Laylaa Abdul-Khabir


3L Scholar

Scholarship co-sponsored by

California Association of Black Lawyers

Born in Beijing, China and raised in Southern California, Laylaa Abdul-Khabir holds a Law Degree from the UCLA School of Law, with a specialization in Critical Race Studies. During her time in law school, she was consistently an advocate for underserved communities, both within the law school and outside its walls. As a member of the Dean’s Student Advisory Committee, Laylaa spearheaded conversations on sexual assault, campus climate and the teaching of rape law, and devised a set of guidelines for a critical pedagogy of rape law instruction. Outside of the law school, Laylaa has served as a racial justice advocate on matters of immigration, policing and school privatization for low-income communities of color. As a legal intern for the Advancement Project in D.C., Laylaa researched matters of immigrants’ rights, drafted community guidelines on interacting with police and immigration authorities, and strategized around effective tactics of policing reform and abolition. Armed with a legal education, Laylaa aims to continue amplifying the voices at the margins, and work steadfastly to not only resist the forces of inequality but build a world where the legal system supports, values and champions our communities.