Myjahnee Crenshaw


3L Scholar

Scholarship co-sponsored by

Black Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles Foundation

Myjahnee Crenshaw is a ChangeLawyer because her lived experience mirrors that of the clients she will serve. Myjahnee was raised in a single parent household within an impoverished community. Before her first birthday, Myjahnee’s father was sentenced to an eight-year prison term forcing her to spend her formative years without him; This experience gifted her with passion, perspective and purpose. She was accepted to UCLA Law School, and received a California ChangeLawyers 1L Scholarship. In her first year, Myjahnee volunteered with El Centro’s Reentry Clinic to assist with the expungement process for individuals who were previously convicted of a felony; Her goal was to ensure that a brush with the law did not derail their lives. During her second year of law school, Myjahnee completed a Youth and Justice Clinic wherein she sought to illuminate the School to prison Pipeline and uplift youth from marginalized communities. Myjahnee also served as Co-Chair for the Black Law Students Association where she prioritized the recruitment and retention of Black law students. Myjahnee’s mission is clear: She envisions a criminal justice system wherein compassion and restoration take priority, and racial/socioeconomic bias do not exist. As a ChangeLawyer, Myjahnee will zealously represent indigent people accused of crimes and reform the criminal justice system from within. She is beginning her career as a Post Bar Law Clerk in the Public Defender’s office in the SF Bay Area.