Nour Vakhshoury

UC Berkeley Law

1L Scholar

Scholarship sponsored by

Downey Brand LLP

Nour Vakhshoury is a 1L ChangeLawyer at UC Davis School of Law (King Hall.) Nour is the daughter of Iranian immigrants and experienced the legal system at a very young age when her mother, a domestic violence survivor, filed for divorce. Her mother’s attorney took on her case pro-bono, remained by her side for five years of legal proceedings, and won her 100% full and legal custody of Nour and her siblings. Her parent's divorce and the kindness of a single attorney has always stayed with Nour. While at UC Berkeley, Nour took an immigration law class which sparked her interest in immigration law. Nour worked at an immigration law firm before starting law school and helped successfully obtain travel waivers for Iranian nationals impacted by the travel ban. Having personally witnessed the positive impact the law can have when it is used with the intention of doing good—to guide rather than to punish, to enlighten rather than to promote despair, she decided that she wants to become a lawyer. With a legal education, she hopes to empower individuals to keep moving forward through moments of adversity.