Omeed Rajaee


3L Scholar

Daniel S. Goodman Memorial Scholar 

Omeed is a ChangeLawyer who he aspires to use his law degree to advance the pursuit of improving the criminal justice system. Born in Ventura, CA, Omeed has dedicated himself to serving the public interest at every step of his academic and professional career. Prior to law school, he extensively engaged in public service, including serving alongside the U.N High Commission on Refugees in the Middle East and working with high school students during his undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley. To continue his pursuit of serving the greater public interest, he decided to attend the UCLA School of law. Most recently, he served as a law clerk in the Gang Division of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. There, he was assigned to coveted division comprised of seasoned prosecutors who focus exclusively on the vertical prosecution of gang-related murders that occur in Los Angeles County. His experience solidified his decision to pursue a career in the prosecutor’s office where he envisions continuing his efforts as reform-minded, compassionate, and above all, fair, prosecutor using his power to institute systemic change.