Networking for Introverts + Outsiders

Does networking trigger your anxiety?

For first generation folks, networking is a necessary part of the job, and yet many of us very rarely have access to resources and support systems that make networking easier. For those of us already on the margins--Black, Indigenous, POC, queer, and non binary folks--how to we build professional connections while still staying true to our identities?

This workshop will be led by Anjie Vichayanonda, a lawyer turned entrepreneur, first-generation Asian-American, and founder of Leg Up Legal. Anjie will lead us in a workshop to learn how to develop lasting connections and tell your story with authenticity, intentionality, and heart.

Meet Your Teacher

Attorney turned entrepreneur. First-generation Asian-American. 5+ years of experience as an intellectual property lawyer. Career coach. Mentored 50+ prelaw students, law students, and young lawyers.