Purvi Shah

Founder & Executive Director of Movement Law Lab

Purvi Shah is an experienced movement lawyer, civil-rights litigator, policy advocate and law professor. After a decade of providing legal support to grassroots movements, Purvi founded Movement Law Lab to build a new generation of legal organizations and lawyers with the skills, know-how and vision to use law to create social change. She co-founded Law For Black Lives, a national network of 3,400 lawyers dedicated to supporting the Movement For Black Lives, founded in the aftermath of the Ferguson and Baltimore uprisings. She also co-founded the Community Justice Project at Florida Legal Services where she litigated for six years on behalf of taxi drivers, tenant unions, public housing residents, and immigrants. Purvi also previously worked at the Center for Constitutional Rights where she directed the Bertha Justice Institute, the nation's first training institute dedicated to advancing movement lawyering across the United States and the world. Through the Institute, Purvi trained hundreds of lawyers and law students on how to use law to create social change. She is a graduate of Northwestern University and the Berkeley School of Law at the University of California.

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