Zedric Dalisay

Thomas Jefferson Law

3L Scholar

Scholarship co-sponsored by South Asian Bar Association of San Diego

Born in Manila, Philippines, Zedric Dalisay believes that acquiring legal representation is should be a right not a privilege. Even with the many legal clinics in existence, his interactions have confirmed that many still believe that hiring an attorney is only for the privileged- and he wants to change that mentality while providing even more legal access to the most underrepresented communities. During his time at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, he worked at the pro bono Nonprofit and Business Law Clinic. There, he helped his clients incorporate their businesses, create licensing, employment, and partnership agreements, and establish 501(c)(3) organizations. He plans to continue this type of legal work as a licensed attorney, and plans to further immerse himself into the diverse communities of San Diego. As a ChangeLawyer, he also plans to pay it forward by becoming a law mentor for other students so they too can become mindful and successful attorneys.